Offset’s brother finally came home on Thursday after serving 15 years of imprisonment. The Migos member recorded this heart-warming reunion. Offset recorded this joyous moment and posted clips throughout the day on his Instagram story, he also captioned the clip as “15 years and he back.”

Offset himself faced legal trouble in recent years. He was behind the bars in 2013 and 2015 for eight months. He was arrested on marijuana and felony gun charges in 2018, but Clayton County dropped them later to avoid interrupting a larger federal investigation. Offset was later detained in 2020 after he waved a gun at a pro-Trump rally, but was let go without being arrested.

It’s still not clear why Offset’s brother was locked up. Offset was just a teenager the last time when his brother was not in jail. After dropping the long-awaited “Culture 3” in summer, Offset went through some big changes in his personal life. Cardi B and Offset also revealed the birth of their second child, a baby boy back in September.

In October, Offset celebrated Cardi’s birthday by gifting her a brand new home. Offset revealed the new house via video presentation in the middle of Cardi’s birthday party. The estate is located in the Dominican Republic, and he said that the gift was meant to celebrate their last year.


Offset’s achievements include a musical partnership with fellow rapper 21 Savage with the album “Without Warning” that hit the US Billboard chart peaking at number four. With his ongoing musical triumphs, it is not only expected that he will be a positive influence on his brother but also prevent him from re-offending and also afford the sibling some of the finer things in life which he missed during his long sentence. This will also prevent him to get involved in legal matters in the future.

Offset’s brother will finally be able to witness his brother’s fame now that’s he’s out. He’ll also be meeting Offset’s five kids, including his 2-month-old son with Cardi B, who is set to host the American Music Awards on Sunday. Offset can also be the strength his brother needs to take on a new path.

Shivangini Rawat

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