Katie Thurston is having quite a lot of fun confusing viewers on social media. While many have still not processed “12 Days of Messy” challenge, it seems its not just the fans who need help understanding what’s going on.

Katie came forward and directly asked Taylor Swift for help. She has so far made two tweets @ Taylor Swift. Lets try to make sense of this riddle.

Thurston tweeted: “Dear @taylorswift13, I’d like to be my old self again, but I’m still trying to find it. Can you help me deliver A Message From Taylor to someone from my season?”. If you’re confused reading this, Thurston has some hint. She added three emoji to the post; “praying hands”, a “red heart”, and a “rose”.

If you’re in the mood for more cryptic messages, don’t fret because there’s more. “But can I get @taylorswift13 to help me with my last song?” she tweeted, adding the side eye emoji, Thurston tweeted.


As you may have already watched, On the very first day she compared her ‘Bachelorette’ exes to Taylor Swift ‘Red’ songs. Thurston dedicated “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” to her ex-fiance, Blake Moynes. Andrew Spencer got “Run”. Aaron Clancy (and James Bonsall) got “Girl at Home“. Thomas Jacobs was given “I Knew You Were Trouble”. Hunter Montgomery bagged “22″ for reasons unknown (he’s literally the oldest guy on the show). Mikey Planeta got “Holy Ground”, Brendan Quinn got “The Last Time”. Lastly, lucky man Michael Allio received “Almost Do.”

We will continue monitoring this story here at Thirsty.

Shifa Jahan

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