Chance the Rapper has been happily married Kirsten Corley since 2018. Seems like Chance lives by the motto “happy wife, happy life.” He is now sharing his secrets on how to find the perfect partner.

Chano dished out some serious relationship advice when it comes to seeking the right partner. He went on the popular Christian podcast “The Same Room” which calls itself as a place “where faith meets culture”.

Chance the Rapper was a 100% on whatever he said. As we all know our boy Chano is a God-fearing man. He firmly debunked the “dream girl” and “dream boy” phenomenon by saying “they don’t exist.” and went on to explain how he believes God chooses our wife or husband for us.

He also dropped some wisdom on how to stop oneself from “idealizing” one’s better half. Chance emphasized how we should not expect our partner to be perfect at all times. “You definitely want someone that’s kind, that’s patient, you want somebody that’s loving and somebody you believe you could spend the rest of your life with,” Chance said. “But is anybody all of these things all the time ever? No. Is the person that’s asking for all those things? No.” he pondered.


Chance took us to school for all things dating and marriage. He jotted down the important points that one should remember while making the big decision in life.
 “I think we’re on a life journey and along that life journey, you find people that hopefully align with your goals and make you want to be better and make you want to try harder.” the rapper asserted.

While all this wisdom was being circulated via video clip, Bia was in the comments sending off “clapping hands” emojis. Seems like she is going to live by Chance the Rapper’s wise words.

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