Britney is finally free and she wants to enjoy her freedom privately. The pop icon is house hunting in Hidden hills.

Although Britney is spotted coming and going as she pleases now, she doesn’t really leave her car even when she is heading out for a drive, or to run an errand. A swarm of paparazzies constantly loom over her wherever hoes goes.

Some paparazzies even position themselves outside her home for days, all for a good snap. The Hidden Hills would be a great option for Brit in escaping the photographers.

Recently Brit and her fiancé Sam Asghari even took off to a private island to enjoy a romantic getaway. However, Britney prefers something local and private so that she can be near to her sons. The pop star also mentioned that she’s looking forward to have kids with Sam Asghari.


Nothing is set in stone yet but if its not the Hidden Hills then it will surely be another gated community in Cali nestled far away from the public eye. A place where Britney can be left alone and cherish all good things in life.

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Shifa Jahan

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