The November 16 episode of “Teen Mom OG” featured Amber Portwood visiting her psychologist. However, fans were quick to notice that something was off about the sign outside her psychologist’s office.

Amber is a patient of Dr. Ronald Stachler, who fans quickly deduced from the sign outside his office, specializes in child and adolescent psychiatry. This has left viewers of the show quite baffled.

Fans quickly took to Twitter to question why Amber, who is a 31-year-old adult woman, is seeing a child and adolescent psychiatrist, when she is neither.

Others were quick to joke about how this situation “explains a lot” about Amber. Meanwhile a Reddit user speculated that Amber goes to a child psychiatrist because she just wanted a “yes man.”


The Sun had earlier reported that Amber suffers from bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder. With this new development, fans are now questioning whether she is getting the help she needs. Check out the following posts.

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