Sean Kington allegedly physically assaulted and pulled a firearm on a music video director who was accompanying the singer at his house. The police are looking into it now.

The Director shared photos to prove that he suffered the blow. He works under the handle GXDLIKE. He told TMZ he had been working and living at Sean’s Los Angeles-area home for about 3 months.

The director alleges that Sean summoned him from the downstairs area of the home around 2 AM on Nov. 5 and wanted him to film something for the singer. The director apparently couldn’t fulfill Sean’s request as he says his phone was dead at the time.

An argument got pretty messy with Sean telling the director to pack up and leave. Law enforcement sources confirm that GXDLIKE has filed a police report with the LAPD for the incident.

The music video director claims that Sean got frustrated and punched him in the face. Sean then allegedly proceeded to drag the music video director into the hallway and pulled out a firearm at him. The photo shared by the director are attached below:

Yikes, we are not 100% sure if Sean Kington is responsible for this hit but that does look bad.

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Shifa Jahan

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