Playboi Carti’s King Vamp tour is a huge attraction for the rapper’s fans. While Rico Nasty was the opening act for the rapper at The Forum in Los Angeles, she received rather unwelcoming treatment for the rapper’s fans. The 24-year old was ticked off by it, so much so that she completely unleashed her anger on fans.

On Saturday, November 6th, Rico Nasty was working the crowd with her songs as she warmed up the stage for Carti’s eventual performance. Instead of receiving cheers from the crowd, Nasty received waves of booing from Carti’s fans.

Carti’s fans either didn’t vibe with her music, or couldn’t contain their anticipation for Carti’s appearance. Either ways, it was not a good feeling for the female rapper to remain under-appreciated, and she went off against them. She told fans exactly how she felt, stating:

This is what the fuck we gon’ do for you disrespectful muthafuckers out there. Bitch, we gon’ sit in muthafuckin silence! Don’t you fucking play! What you think this is, bitch? It’s not that. This is fucking lame. He doesn’t even know you guys.


Rico Nasty wasn’t satisfied with sticking to Carti’s fans on the spot at all. The next day, she took to Twitter to call Carti’s fans anti-black and “weak ass little boys wit blonde pubes.” When a fan refuted and said that they only wanted to see Carti and Ken Car$on more than her, she said “Those n-ggas would spit on u irl. it’s pathetic.”

It’s clear that fans wanted to see Carti a lot more than Rico. His sets received a lot of high energy responses from fans, with even mosh pits erupting in between songs. While Rico Nasty’s music is at the same level of energy as Carti, perhaps an open mind will convince Carti’s fans that her performances are worth their focus.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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