It’s been circulating for a while that a a civil lawsuit was brought up against Kanye West – specifically his clothing line, Yeezy Apparel. The reason behind said lawsuit is of course because his company didn’t deliver goods in what was considered a “timely fashion” by the customer, according NBC News.

As it would turn out, local district attorneys responsible for the case, suggested that West and company be fined a seemingly reasonable “$2,500 for each violation.” Well, that number would grow to epic proportions it would seem, essentially proving that many customers of Yeezy Apparel were so affected.

The suit now states that Yeezy Apparel and Yeezy LLC will have to pay the sum of $950,000 in total for the delays his company was responsible for. George Gascon, Los Angeles District Attorney, made a statement on the situation:

“Online consumers are entitled to protection against unwarranted fees and unreasonably long waits for purchases to arrive on their doorsteps. We will enforce state and federal laws governing online shopping in Los Angeles County.”


Apparently, Kanye’s company falsely advertised on being able to meet the deadlines that it promised its customers, failing to meet many of them, it would seem, although just how many deadlines were missed is unclear at this time.

What makes the situation worse, apparently, and according to the aforementioned piece, is that Kanye’s company didn’t give any of its clients fair warning or at least updates of a sort, when the items or rather products in question, were known to be arriving late.

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