William Lucking, who played Piney Winston on the hit show “Sons of Anarchy,” was reported to have passed away on October 18, 2021. The star was married to costume designer Sigrid Insull Lucking from 1996 until his death in 2021. Sigrid has now come forward to discuss the cause of the actor’s death.

Sigrid, told TMZ that Lucking had a myriad of injuries over his career, which started in the ’70s. Like the motorcycle accident during the filming of “Harold and Maude” where he fell 80 feet off a bridge. It landed him in a body cast for weeks. Lucking also broke a lot of other bones throughout the many action roles he played in his long career. He had 2 knee replacements, back surgery, shoulder surgery and more.

Sigrid mentioned that Lucking spent the last year of his life in a wheelchair, was having breathing problems and his heart was failing

The Actor tragically passed away in the age of 80 at his Nevada home leaving behind two daughters and grandkids. He had a celebrated action packed career and loved what he did.


It is sad to note however that being a Hollywood tough guy and stuntman is not as easy as it seems. The career took a toll on the actor’s body, and as his wife recalls, those injuries made his final years very painful.

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