Pittsburgh Steelers rookie Najee Harris is helping give back to a homeless shelter in California. This is the same shelter where he stayed at sometimes when he was young. He is now helping to renovate the building and the grounds.

Harris, along with Lowe’s Home Team, helped replace the carpet at the Greater Richmond Interfaith Program in Richmond with a dark hardwood tile. The entire building is two stories and 12,000 square feet in area.

Last month, more than a 100 volunteers removed the floors, walls, fences, gardens. play areas and veterans’ housing for it to be renovated again. Harris helped the facility get new appliances, a computer, a grill, a rock wall, playground, and other amenities, according to ESPN.

Harris visits the shelter regularly and whenever he does, he tries to take the kids’ minds off their struggles and he tries to distract them by taking them to a game, for example.


“I tell them the basic stuff, it’s not like I give some grand speech or something but you know. I tell them you can always change around the situation and sometimes I’m not even speaking to them about the situations they’re in because they all know where they’re at,” Harris told Fox News. “I just try to take their minds off other things like I said, I took them to the Giants game. I might throw them a little party or something like that.”

When Harris was 12, he along with his mother and four siblings were homeless and would live in different shelters around the Bay Area. At one point, they even had to live in a car. He would eventually attend Alabama and help the Crimson Tide to a national championship. This would get him drafted 24th overall by the Steelers.

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