Candace Owens took to twitter to share her opinion on Kanye and Soulja Boy’s Beef in relation to her own differences with Ye. Owens remarked that Kanye “does this with everyone”.

Conservative commentator has had a bit of history with Kanye. The rapper was coerced by her into his right-wing politics “phase” in 2018. Owens was specifically referencing to the time when Ye showed admiration for “the way Candace Owen thinks” in a 2018 tweet only to “backtrack” some months later amid her “Blexit” promotion.

Ye however didn’t backtrack though. He simply tweeted a clarification. Kanye appeared to be on board with this Owens’ “Blexit” promotion. When Owens began to roll out merchandise she cited that West helped design the T-shirts. As a result Ye tweeted that she falsely credited the “Blexit” design to him when he had only referred her to a designer he knew:

“I introduced Candace to the person who made the logo and they didn’t want their name on it so she used mine. I never wanted any association with Blexit. I have nothing to do with it.”


Kanye removed Soulja Boy’s verse from “Remote Control” in Donda much to Soulja Boy’s dismay. The rapper felt betrayed realizing that he didn’t make it in the final cut. Soulja insulted Ye a lot on his twitter claiming that he Ye told him it was good. Recently on the Drink Champs podcast Kanye revealed that he simply didn’t like the verse and hence he took it out.

Kanye also mentioned that “Soulja Boy is top five most influential… I tell you what, though, Soulja Boy is the future.” Despite his opinion on his verse.

This what Candace had to say on the issue:

Tbh he’s done this to a lot of people. Privately it’s one thing and then publicly it’s another. Feel like he’s hurt a lot people who have respected and looked up to him but never had to say sorry because he’s Ye. As an artist I respect him but as a man? Idk

Seems like what happened with Candace three years ago has nothing to do with Soulja Boy and Ye but feels it is relatable it to her situation anyway.

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