Travis Scott’s Astroworld Stampede Tragedy took took 8 lives and injured hundreds. The Rapper has cancelled future concerts and issued refunds for everyone who attended Astroworld. Families of the victims that lost their lives are demanding justice.

Several videos have surfaced of fans trying to stop the concert amid chaos. Attendees have said that several pleas to stop the concert were ignored. Many victims from the Astroworld concert also showed their horrific injuries. The concert was also rumored to be a targeted attack. The matter is still under police investigation. Amidst this, Travis Scott Facing Multiple Lawsuits.

No amount of money won in a lawsuit will truly bring closure to the families of those affected by the incident. It does, however, represent the first step.

Mirza Danish Baig was one of the eight people who lost their lives. The 27-year-old died on his way to the hospital but he managed to save his fiancé. His brother spoke to KHOU about the loss his family has suffered. Ammar Baig has asked people to unite and demand for justice, Baig believes that the organizers and Travis Scott should be punished.

“We lost our brother, we’re grieving for all the families that lost their loved ones,” Ammar told news cameras. “In this horrendous event, people that took part in this event, Travis Scott’s team, the NRG team, everybody who was associated with this should be held accountable for the lives that were lost.” 

Scott and Live Nation share history of dangerous concert environments. A Fan Paralyzed At 2017 Travis Scott Concert Spoke Out on Astroworld Festival Tragedy. The situation is beyond worthy of a full investigation, and the responsible parties need to be held accountable by answering to the law.

We hope such a horrific incident never happens again. Condolences to the families of the victims who are no longer with us.

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