ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” is always looking for stars who can bring their electrifying presence on the dancing stage. While they considered and reached out to Adrian Peterson, it seems that he has already made his choice, and rejected a payday of $350,000 in the process.

DWTS reached out to Peterson with an offer of $150,000 just for covering his rehearsal period alone. Had the superstar gone forward with it, he would have had the chance to score up to $335,000 on the show. However, he took a turn to further his career and tried his chance with the Ravens.

Peterson had interested 5 teams in total at the beginning. While Peterson himself was rooting for a chance with the Ravens, the RaidersBillsFalcons and Dolphins were others interested to sign him on. Fate, however, had other plans for the former MVP.

Henry suffered a rather severe injury while the Titans were playing off against the Colts. With Peterson available, the Titans phoned him and got him to sign on in Tennessee on Monday.


NFL’s leading rusher Henry was a real asset to the Titans. With him recovering after having surgery last week, the team is still hoping for his return this season. The 36-year old All-Pro is ready to go against the Rams next week in his Tennessee debut, and fans have huge hopes from him.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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