Kristen Stewart has been basking in goodness lately. Recently, Stewart revealed that she is engaged to her long time girlfriend Dylan Meyer. The Twilight actress plays the late Princess Diana in the new biopic “Spencer,” her portrayal is drawing heaps of praise.

Stewart jumped into the role in a big way, even if it was a bit spooky for her. The actress shared insight to what it was like playing the role of the beloved Princess who died too early (she was 36 years old). It took a lot of effort on Stewart’s part to do justice to the portrayal of such an esteemed world-renowned personality.

Kristen opened up about the amount of pressure she put on herself to perform for the role. She also confessed that she has a lot empathy, love and respect for the character. The actress noted that she had begun to feel like she knew Princes Diana over the making of the movie.

“I could sit and sort of theorize about us having really genuine personal curiosities about her and that whatever we ended up making was coming from the right place — and that ultimately you have to do things that scare you…”

“But two weeks before we started shooting the movie I was having TMJ [temporomandibular joint disorder, which causes pain and limits movement of the jaw] that made me not able to open my mouth. I couldn’t even run my lines with my dialogue coach. … I was obviously feeling the personal weight that I put on myself because I grew to really love her as a character and feel like I knew her.”


The movie is based on true events, set over the course of a three-day holiday weekend in Dec. 1991. The very holiday weekend in which Lady Diana decided it was time to end her marriage to Prince Charles. She passed away in a car accident soon after making the divorce with the Prince public. Spencer is set to hit theatres November 5, 2021 Check out the First Look at Kristen playing Princess Di here.

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