Kanye West appeared on “Drink Champs” with N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN on Thursday. During the conversation, the rapper reminisced about working on “Watch the Throne” with fellow rapper Jay-Z.

It seems that Ye has a bone to pick with Jay-Z over his “selfishness.” Ye wanted Jay-Z’s track “Holy Grail” on their collab album, but apparently Jay-Z wanted to save it for “Magna Carta Holy Grail.”

I took “New Day” off of my next album, I took “Otis” off of my next album. And we got into this big argument because he had this song called “Holy Grail” that he had Justin Timberlake singing on. And I was like, “We need to put this on this album.” And then he was like, “Nah.” Everybody knows Jay is very selfish… We all love him but, you know, he’s very selfish. He’ll say like, “Man, I’m selfish.” So he wouldn’t give that song. I’m like, “Man, how I’m giving all of this?”

Kanye did clarify that it was never the plan to put Holy Grail on Watch the Throne, but he also stated that he wanted the album to be as good as possible, which is why he took his own tracks off his albums and put them on the collab project.


I wanted to make the album better, he wanted to save [it for] his album. We fell out many of times, he’s my brother. Whenever he does some Jay shit and I do some Ye shit, we don’t say shit. That’s some real shit.

Earlier this year, it seemed like Ye and Jay had buried the hatchet for good. However, it seems that Ye has still not completely let go of the past. That being said, it is heartwarming to hear Ye still refer to Jay as his brother. Check out the full interview below.

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