Harry Styles has been a massive ally to the LGBTQIA+ community from the very start of his career. In addition to playing an instrumental role in subverting gender stereotypes in Hollywood, Harry has always encouraged us to express ourselves to empower our gender and sexual orientations.

Harry has become the messenger of choice for fans who want to come out the world– in Style. Apart from donating profits from merchandise and concerts to LGBTQIA+ organizations like GLSEN. He is now directly changing lives, live so stage.

During the “Love on Tour: Milwaukee” show, Wednesday night, Styles spotted 23-year-old fan McKinley McConnell’s sign, pleading him to break the news to her mom, Lisa, who was also an attendee. “My mom is in Section 201. Help me come out,” read McConnell’s sign. Styles stopped the show to make good on the request.

Footage of the heartwarming interaction was shared on social media, in which the Grammy award winning singer can be seen kneeling down at the edge of the stage to address McConnell down in the pit.


“There is a lot of people. Did you not know? Did you think this through?” said Styles

He continued, “Okay, do you want to tell her, or should I tell her?” he asked again. “I can tell her, yeah, no problem.”

He pranced to the other side of the stage and yelled out the words

This was a very special moment and Harry Styles was certainly there to help out. You can watch the heart-warming video below.

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Shifa Jahan

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