Recently, Kim Kardashian and ‘SNL’ star Pete Davidson were seen enjoying a rollercoaster ride. The two have worked together last month when Kardashian was the host for ‘SNL’. The two shared a kiss while parodying Aladdin and it seems that was the beginning of something new.

It was previously said that Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are currently just friends. It was also reported that Pete Davidson used ‘SNL’ as a dating service in order to get close to Kim Kardashian.

It was said that the two were considering a relationship after kissing on ‘SNL.’ After that, Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson went on a secret date at Campania restaurant on Staten Island. On top of that, the two also had a dinner date with a group of friends at Zero Bond in New York.

According to Hollywood Life, it was said that after the recent dinner date with Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian is completely smitten with him. It was said that Davidson is successfully wooing Kim Kardashian as well.

“She is completely smitten with him and this is escalating. Kim knew that he had something planned but she was completely blown away when she saw what it was.

She hasn’t had a man do anything this romantic for her in years since Kanye and Kanye was always trying to win her over with money. Pete is trying to swoop her off her feet and with the roses and everything and he is doing a very good job at it.

While Pete Davidson has dated several top celebrities over the years, including Ariana Grande, it was said that Davidson is just as into Kim Kardashian as he is into her.

Pete is such a bold and audacious person that instantly turns people on because hanging out with him is such an event in itself. He’s funny, he says and does what he wants and doesn’t really care what people think at the end of the day. There is an energy to that, and Kim is all about it since it is so different. When do you see Kim going to amusements parks or pizza places? Pete has brought a normal sense of fun back into her life and she loves it!”

It remains to be seen whether Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson will eventually become a couple, as many fans are already interested in seeing the two together. Pete Davidson would certainly be happy if it worked out for him.

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