LA Lakers fans were treated to a wee bit of science fiction at a recent game, especially if they were watching monitors of a particular shot of LeBron James at one point. What was interesting in this particular shot that has now gone viral isn’t LeBron himself, but rather the man pictured to his left (viewer’s right), and just how much he looked like the player.

It was a moment that definitely called for pause and one that had many fans do a few double takes. As it would turn out though, it wasn’t at all a doppelganger, but a fashion designer by the name of Patrick Christopher. Doppelgangers can be pretty creepy, and as it turns out, this look-alike knew LeBron ahead of time. Actually, he’s known the basketball star for quite some time. He said as much on an Instagram post.

“Met Bron in 2007 because I told the Cal coaches I would only go there if they got me in his camp. I worked his camps every summer throughout my college years and ironically got invited to his Nike Skills camps as well. This is such a bittersweet moment as we mourn the loss of an icon, husband, father, brother and friend to a lot of people. Creating a piece to bring unity to honor Kobe, Gigi and the families involved in the tragedy couldn’t be represented by a better dude. @kingjames you always been a big homie to me. @ernieramos been my dude for a looong time and I want to thank you guys for always showing love to me and the fam.”

LeBron himself got in on it and made a statement on social media, he tweeting:


AYO!! True definition of 2 places at the same damn time!! Somebody tell Pat C if he wants to be me for Halloween just ask me. LOL

At the end of the day, the fashion designer does look a tad like LeBron, and quite a lot like him in the shot captured of course, but when looked at up-close, it’s a whole different face altogether, but when you look at that first image, it’s definitely worth a doubletake for sure.

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