Cowboys wide receiver CeeDee Lamb has repeatedly infringed NFL uniform policy this season. The NFL doesn’t care for that and they took action. So, the NFL fined Lamb $5,150 for having socks that failed to cover his lower leg in a game.

The Dallas Cowboys star has already been fined twice for having his jersey untucked, $5,150 for the first offense and $15,450 for the second offense, according to ESPN. The NFL is notoriously strict on the rules as the amount of the fine triples with each successive offense. If CeeDee Lamb forgets to tuck his jersey again, the next fine will cost him $46,350.

Lamb has also had a fine for taunting and a fine for an illegal crackback block, for a total of a whopping $46,865.

It is unclear whether Lamb has appealed any of his fines. Usually players can appeal to the NFL either by claiming they did not violate the rule in question or by claiming the amount of the fine is too high relative to the player’s salary.


This might seem like a stiff penalty, but the NFL has a certain look they want to uphold. That is one of the ways they make sure things are going the way they want to. We’ll have to see if those fines encourage the Dallas Cowboys player to watch what he’s wearing from now on.

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