Elon Musk hasn’t always been one to put his best foot forward when making posts on social media, and many would assume that he really stepped into it this time, he making some really sexist tweets, according to some.

The scope of the original tweet is perhaps a little more childish than it is sexist, but many on social media responded in anger that the mogul would stoop to such brand of humor, while so many others responded favorably, going along with his intended joke.

“Am thinking of starting new university: Texas Institute of Technology & Science,” read his initial tweet.

“That’s a disgrace,” one twitter user responded. Many echoed that sentiment.

The question has been brought up if many are being way too sensitive, but the fact that Musk deleted the tweet suggests that there are those in his inner circle that felt it was the wrong way to go.

It’s a slippery slope these days, as many would say this is the equivalent of women joking about fireman calendars on a twitter threat, or any social media thread, while others suggesting that for a man in his position, with many followers, that type of joke was inappropriate despite it’s original intent at humor…it obviously didn’t land as was intended by the Tesla and PayPal founder.

Also, he gets a lot of hate from many demographics these days, so to say that he’s easy prey, as is anything he posts a free for all for anyone who doesn’t agree with the things he’s unearthed in business and science, but as stated earlier, it’s certainly a slippery slope, with two sides to the proverbial coin – both valid points.

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Domenic Marinelli

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