Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato both made their big debut in the memorable 2008 Disney teen musical Camp Rock. The pair played the main lead and lovers in the movie and started to date in real life in the following years.

The co-stars have fallen out of touch over the past few years. Joe Jonas is quite busy these days with his wife Sophie and infant Willa Jonas. Demi hasn’t left the public eye a bit and Demi is still incredibly famous.

The pop stars met a Halloween Party in L.A. Joe posted a selfie with Demi on his Instagram story which Demi Re-posted on her account. Naturally, this photo drop brought a huge reaction from fans begging for Camp Rock 3. That’s still not happening, but it was probably nice for them to catch up.

The pair were happy to re-unite, but we’re not sure how much time they were able to chill. At least they got a photo out of it.

Shifa Jahan

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