Westside Gunn’s Tweet about his smallest chain costing more than Mr. T entire golden ensemble started off a fiery twitter feud with Mr. T’s daughter Erica Nicole Clark as well as a roast session by twitter fans and trolls alike.

This didn’t stop Westside Gunn from acting up. The Griselda Records founder came back for more. Things only got worse when the Buffalo rapper boasted that he has been dropping classic after classic over the span of his career when he tweeted:

The trolling even took to Instagram where a user called him a “one trick pony” among other insults, after Gunn attempted to clown the Instagram user for being a DJ and a dancer.

Westside Gunn is not one of those celebrities who will just “ignore the haters” he is ready and set to drag anyone who tries to troll him. “Y’all been talking about me Alot in the blogs lately it’s a shame y’all don’t do that when I drop classic after classic, just dropped a flawless double album 33songs…. guess negativity is the only thing that matters not the Culture.”


One fan fired back to say, “Those will def cost more than @WESTSIDEGUNN generic jewelry. It’s not about size but about if they are real. And no one ever robbed Mr T, like all the rappers in Griselda.” Gunner then fired back with, “0 followers 0 following… n***** have no life seriously & I got receipts nigga 1.3 Mil. & name one time I been robbed I’m talking 1 time.. ok I’m done for the night u bum ass internet niggas pray to GOD every night he don’t start charging for WiFi, u think GIA is a bitch name”

The “Julia Lang” rapper eventually got tired and decided to set things straight. You can check out some of that Twitter drama below.

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