Over the span of his long and illustrious career, Kanye West has only become a more divisive and controversial figure. The rapper has drawn as much acclaim for his musical brilliance as he has criticism for his bizarre actions and statements.

However, one backup dancer has nothing but praise for West. The dancer, Maria, recently went on TikTok to express gratitude towards West for defending her during an uncomfortable moment at one of his afterparties.

Of all the crazy headlines that go up about Mr. Kanye West, I will always have a soft spot for him. I genuinely think he’s a good dude and that’s because of a personal experience I had with him.

Maria explained that she used to be a backup dancer for West when he visited Australia, years ago. West had hired about twenty ballerinas for a performance, after which they all went back to his penthouse for an afterparty. However, things were quickly about to get ugly.

We were all sitting around and a bunch of the guys that were like, Kanye’s little posse, were like, standing around and they were dancing and twerking.

Maria said that she was asked to join in, when she really just wanted to relax. However, the situation got really uncomfortable for Maria when the group began pressuring her to join in and grind on the guys.

I could feel the walls closing in on me, I felt really, really uncomfortable. I kept saying no and they kept coming in… I was getting to a point where it was like, I feel really unsafe here.

However, just then, Maria says, Kanye West burst into the room out of nowhere and said “She said no! So stop asking her to do it!” After Kanye’s rebuke, the group left Maria alone. Check out Maria’s story below.

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