In recent Tampa Bay Bucs news, a fan was given Tom Brady’s 600th TD pass ball at a recent game, and although when Mike Evans gave the ball away to fan, Byron Kennedy, he had no idea of the ball’s value.

As it would turn out, a Tampa Bay Bucs official would approach the fan (something that was caught on camera), and ask for it back, realizing the importance of that particular pigskin. The fan obliged and even shook the Bucs representative’s hand.

The Buccaneers would in turn shower the fan with gifts, i.e., tickets, swag, etc., but since the hand-off, so to speak, the ball has ben reputedly named to be worth a whopping $500 thousand dollars. To be fair, he also got a replacement game ball and a $1k gift card to the Buccaneers’ team store.

Just how does Byron Kennedy, the fan in question, feel about that fact? He is sticking to his guns, stating that the ball belongs with Brady. He being a Buccaneers fan through and through, it would most certainly seem. When asked if he regretted the decision by TMZ, he stated:

“I don’t. I think I did the right thing. I’m happy Tom has it. It’s all working out pretty well, too. I’m excited to deck out my office with all of this gear…that stuff is insane, and I’m real hyped on that bitcoin…”

Reportedly, Brady himself and Rob Gronkowski also gave him some cryptocurrency, which these days can most certainly go a heck of a long way. As it turns out, super fan Byron Kennedy, was involved with cryptocurrency already, so it seems all’s well that ends well and according to all parties involved, the $500 thousand dollar ball is where it undoubtedly belongs.

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