Kanye West is considered a genius when it comes to being a businessman and also as an artist. As a balance, he falls very short when it comes to releasing music on time. This was especially true for the release of his ‘Donda’ album. It seems Soulja Boy still isn’t over his Donda snub.

Kanye West finally dropped his ‘Donda’ album recently after multiple delays and fans and rappers alike were elated after waiting for so long. However, Soulja Boy was not on the album and he rightfully called out Kanye West for the same. Things got uglier from there.

The beef between Soulja Boy and Kanye West only continued from there as he challenged West to a boxing match and even claimed he was the first rapper with Kim Kardashian. Even Drake sided with Soulja Boy in the ongoing beef between him and Kanye West.

While speaking to DJ Akademiks, Soulja Boy talked about his beef with Kanye West. Soulja Boy made it clear that he will never apologize to Kanye West as he felt that West played him over the ‘Donda’ album snub.

“I ain’t apologizing for sh*t. I don’t really know how to feel. All I wanted was an explanation. I feel like I got played…But it’s all love, with time passing and sh*t like that it ain’t like I’m on some ‘I hate this n**** Kanye blah blah.’ Didn’t he make it look like I was gonna be on there though?

I ain’t even call it trolling bruh ‘cause it was real. I just had to speak my mind and let a n**** know, don’t be doing no sh*t like that, bruh.”

Despite Soulja Boy’s beef, Kanye West’s album turned out to be a huge success. The rapper’s label Universal Records sent out a memo last week, letting people know which categories Kanye is hoping to land in at next year’s Grammy Awards ceremony as West submitted a couple of songs for a Grammy awards consideration. We will have to wait and see if West’s submission will be taken into consideration or not.

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