The Real Housewives of Potomac star Gizelle Bryant revealed that she is getting back into the dating world. She has, however, stated that the encounters are only casual in nature. She got back together in 2019 with ex-husband Jamal after divorcing him a decade prior, but they both split up again.

During Sunday’s episode of RHOP, Gizelle talked about the concept of dating with her three young daughters Grace, and twins Angel and Adore.

“Guys, how do you guys feel about me, you know, going out every now and again?” Gizelle posed the question to her daughters. “We just don’t want you alone and gross, by yourself,” Angel replied, while Adore said, “We don’t want you to, like, die alone.”

Gizelle was shocked at the comments, as she tried to explain that she’s only casually dating and is not looking for a serious relationship. It’s just a hook up and she’s not looking for an LTR.


The girls acknowledged that Gizelle doesn’t have a partner and is “pretty lonely.” A producer tried to ask her who the mystery man is but Gizelle quipped back by telling them that it’s “none of your business.”

Gizelle then tried to teach her daughters about dating and being vulnerable in relationships. She confessed that she failed to do so in her past relationships and she doesn’t want her daughters to be like that way too when they start dating. The girls noted that it’s hard to look up to Gizelle and their dad Jamal, and they feel like their parents’ marriage just disappeared.

“There’s a lot of things that I could have discussed with your father to make things better in our relationship, and I chose not to. That’s on me. It’s OK to talk about how you feel,” Gizelle explained.

Gizelle shares her children with ex-husband Jamal, who she was married to from 2002 to 2009. They split up after the pastor had an affair.

Gizelle got together with him again in September 2019 but the two split up again as she told E! News in July of this year that she was single again. She asked her daughters how they feel about their mom going out on dates every once in a while.

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