21 Savage celebrated his birthday on Friday, 22 October as he turned 29. The rapper celebrated his birthday in a ‘Freaknik’ themed birthday party. While the party itself looked great but it doesn’t seem like the festival itself is too happy with 21 Savage using it as a theme.

FreakNik Festival has threatened to sue 21 Savage and his manager for the private birthday party. FreakNik recently made its comeback after two decades and they have decided that they are going to take action against the rapper for ripping off their trademark. The festival posted the following on their Twitter:

“Saw @21savage and @megameezy #Freaknik21 last night at @underground_atlanta and looked like a super dope event,” wrote the official FreakNik page on social media. “Sucks we gonna have to sue them when all we asked that they acknowledged us since it was a free event and they declined.

Spending over a million to revive a brand, fighting negative public perception and proving we can do it 2 years with no issues, comes at a cost. We can’t let others just infringe on that. So know when you hear them talk about the suit after we file it, know that we tried to work it out very easily beforehand.”

Of course, after seeing the post 21 Savage responded to FreakNik on Twitter after a few hours by simply saying:

“Y’all better sit down somewhere.” 

FreakNik didn’t take this kindly and decided to double down on 21 Savage by sharing a copy of the trademark filing. They also shared receipts in the form of a screenshot of a text message conversation with 21 Savage’s manager. The manager had promised to change the name of the event, but that obviously didn’t happen. Check out the lengthy statement they released on Instagram below:

“We didn’t just wake up one day as the FreakNik Team and say, man we gonna spend all this money booking artists, advertising, fighting lawsuits from people trying to stop us, and spending over a million to revive the #Freaknik Brand in #Atlanta just because we felt it was something cool to do,” they said. “Now can we stop everyone who does a themed, concert, party, or sell Freaknik merchandise? YES we can. But it would take millions to go after everyone. For the people big enough to make it worthwhile, we could be on some money shakedown ish, but we not even tripping.

We saw @saweetie event earlier this year and thought it was dope…we learned about it afterwards too and she didn’t promote it in Atlanta. We saw @quavohuncho and @yungmiami305 and we love it, but haven’t decided what we want to do. But @21savage and @megameezy event was another level. Super dope also so congrats to @mshannahkang for the dope layout, but that event was a smack in our face to all the hardwork we put in. We said we will give you license for FREE and was gonna ask to make sure it has a nonprofit presence there. They said no…I didn’t want this smoke…again we said “man put on for the city just acknowledge us and we will give you the license FREE.” Meezy said he would just change the name. He didnt…

…and here we are. Damn why black folks gotta fight all the time instead of working together.”

At what first seemed like nothing is going to come out of the situation, it really does look like FreakNik is actually going to proceed with the lawsuit against 21 Savage. The rapper probably never thought he would get sued for celebrating his birthday privately.

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Rayan Sayyed

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