Brittany Murphy tragically passed away back in 2009 at the age of 32. Murphy made a name for herself thanks to her role in Clueless but fortunately, she truly never capitalized on her success after her tragic demise. A new two-part documentary for the HBO Max streaming service was released that tried to show the truth of what happened.

According to TMZ, Simon Monjack’s brother stated that Simon Monjack is in no way the portray that he was portrayed to be in the new Brittany Murphy documentary on HBO Max. The brother felt as if he was tricked into appearing for the documentary.

The two-part series investigates the life, relationships and death of Brittany Murphy. The main focus of the documentary was Brittany’s odd marriage to Simon Monjack, who happened to pass away 5 months after Brittany Murphy.

Throughout the documentary, Simon Monjack was seen in a bad light. He was accused of controlling Brittany, taking her money, having secret kids and eventually preventing her from getting medical attention.

Simon’s brother James Monjack made it clear that he was disappointed that the filmmakers made him out to be the villain. James Monjack claimed that the project was originally pitched to him to be investigative journalism into the couple’s deaths, but that did not happen.

James added that he and his mother hoped that the series would reveal what was actually led to the deaths of Simon and Brittany. Instead, the series made it seem as if Simon was responsible for her death. Simon Monjack’s mother also stated that she won’t watch the entire series and is upset that the series painted his son in such a bad light.

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