The situation between the Philadelphia 76ers and their star Ben Simmons, have reached to a stage where he decided to put up his mansion for sale. He got thrown out of practice and got suspended for conduct detrimental to the team.

We noted earlier that Ben Simmons failed to engage with Philadelphia 76ers since returning. He lingered outside a team huddle and stayed by himself without showing any team spirit ever since his return.

Ben Simmons has put up his New Jersey house on sale for $5 million. The house is located only 23 miles from the Sixers’ Wells Fargo Center.

According to a report by Yahoo, the mansion boasts five bedrooms, six bathrooms, and is 10,477 square-foot. It has a double-island kitchen, a playroom, movie room with a fish tank, a garage that can fit three cars, and a primary bedroom with wet bar, fireplace, private terrace and en suite bathroom.


Simmons has been clear that he doesn’t want to be with the team anymore. He refused to participate in drills and held out of training camp. He finally reported to the team on Monday after missing practices on purpose.

Ben Simmons is set to earn $33 million in 2021-22 according to reports as part of a five-year deal, with a $177.2 million contract extension which he signed in 2019. He received 25 percent of the money this year, which amounts to $8.25 million. He was going to receive another 25 percent on October 1 but Philadelphia 76ers held up his money due to this issue.

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