Dave Chapelle, who has been in hot water for his controversial comments about trans people in his recent Netflix special, has received support from a political figure. Andrew Yang, the former presidential and New York mayoral candidate, backed up the comedian and said that artists should be able to express themselves freely.

While appearing on Hill.TV’s Rising on Tuesday, Yang said that artists need to be given freedom to express themselves and create when asked about his thoughts on Chappelle’s Netflix special The Closer.

“I think we should cut artists, a very, very wide berth in terms of the way they decide to express themselves and create. The fact is, we are getting inflamed against each other. We’re attacking people for having different points of view, or expressing themselves in a way that upsets, maybe a subset of us. And that’s, to me something that we should be more open about in, what should be an open and free society,”

In the special, Chappelle made jokes about the trans community and defended J.K Rowling who is known as a TERF. TERF stands for trans exclusionary radical feminist, or a feminist who is transphobic. Chappelle said that he is “team TERF.”

The controversy got so bad that it caused a Netflix trans employee group to stage a walkout. The company also fired an employee who leaked info on Chappelle’s controversial special. Netflix head Ted Sarandos continues to show support for the comedian, however.

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Rayan Sayyed

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