Ice T is one of the most entertaining rappers around. Whenever he posts something on Twitter, it gets a great cheer out of fans. The former underground rapper, who is now established as one of the greatest rappers of all time, had a new bit to entertain his fans with.

The rapper took to Twitter in order to show his fans a bizarre face-swap of his. While face-swaps are getting to a point where they’re barely indistinguishable, his looks rather hilarious and raw at best.

Did ya’ll MFs know I Wrestled too???!

Ice T revealed a face-swap where WWE veteran superstar Edge’s face was replaced by his. The video then shows off Ice T performance many of the iconic moves that Edge is known for.


The rapper captioned the video “Did ya’ll MFs know I Wrestled too???! 💥” while the clip played Edge re-entering WWE in the Battle Royale 2020. The WWE superstar came back with an exhilarating crowd reaction, which might mean that Ice T wants the same glory for himself.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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