Tom Brady stands as one of the most celebrated athletes in the US. The NFL player has been dealing with negative chants thrown at him by the Philadelphia audiences. On the other hand, it has been reported that Brady could be in the NFL until he’s 55, which is iconic for any athlete.

Brady is also famous for something other than his indomitable plays in the field, and it’s that you should never mess with him. Matt Cassel, who has been on the other end of the bargain, revealed some haunting details about his confrontations with Brady.

Cassel took to the Pat McAfee Show 2.0 that Brady and Cassel started off with a prank war against each other. While Brady started it off by making Cassel trip over his foot and drop all of his lunch, Cassel escalated it by gluing Brady’s undies with Atomic Glue and filling his beloved sneakers with Gatorade Powder.

After Brady had had enough, he told Cassel to apologize by the end of the practice session. After he refused to do so, he realized exactly why apologizing would have left him better off. He said on the show:


I come in, and there’s literally three tires from my car in front of my locker. The fourth one’s hidden somewhere in the facility. I go out, and I look, and my car’s on blocks. Completely on blocks. Had to get a ride home for like three or four days before I started calling [Brady] ‘Captain Longshanks’ for a little while. … And I do remember thinking — and it’s a good lesson — just don’t mess with people who have more money than you do.

Snoop Dogg hired adult entertainment for Brady’s 11 year old son. Brady stated that he will always be part of the New England Patriots community, no matter what. Brady also came forward to explain why he held a private meeting with Bill Belichick. It’s interesting to know that the GOAT QB can also get down in a prank war.

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