Michael Caine, the actor famous for film roles like that of Alfred in the Christopher Nolan Batman franchise, has recently stated via Twitter that he is not in fact retiring. He also comically stated that not a lot of people were aware of this fact.

Caine, who also starred in films such as Get Carter, both the original in which he played the main character, Jack Carter. He was also in the remake in which Sylvester Stallone played the title character and Caine played a secondary role.

He is perhaps regarded as one of Britain’s greatest exports in the cinematic field and has had a heck of a lot of hits in his time as actor. It would seem as though there’s a bit of a mix-up regarding whether or not he’s still in the game, as his tweet suggests.

It was on the BBC’s Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review where he alluded to a possible retirement however, stating that he wasn’t walking all that well and he hadn’t actually worked in two years. He even went as far to say that his film, Best Sellers, would be his last feature, or rather stating “probably” to the question if it indeed would be. Caine took to Twitter where he addressed this story.

I haven’t retired and not a lot of people know that.

All of these statements would now seem for naught, as his tweet suggests. He also made other statements to back up the fact that he’s here to stay and wants to continue to work. He said that he’s been waking up extremely early (6 AM) every day to film and make movies, and he does not intent to call it quits just yet.

Perhaps with the attention garnered from this, the movie offers should be flooding in. He is apparently reading two scripts already, as TMZ reports. Shouldn’t be long before we see him on screen again.

Domenic Marinelli

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