Walt Disney is set to have yet another film made about his life. What period from this legendary man’s life will be depicted this time around? Well, did you ever wonder how Disneyland was built?

You may just get the answer without having to research it yourself, as director David Gordon Green, is set to make a movie all about it, according to uproxx.com.

We’re about to get the second installment to his version of the Halloween saga (just in time for Halloween—this would be the third time the series gets a re-vamp, the Rob Zombie deuce perhaps being the most violent to date.

Regardless, the last in the trilogy, aptly named Halloween Ends, is slated for release next year at the same time apparently. The filmmaker has made other films of note which include: Undertow (2004), Snow Angels (2007), and of course Prince Avalanche starring Paul Rudd and Emile Hirsch, and Joe starring Nicholas Cage. Both films were released in 2013.


His next project will chronicle how the Walt Disney theme park was built, the film no doubt leaning towards the drama genre, as most bio films these days do.

But the question that may be asked is do we need another film based on this man’s life?

We had Walt Before Mickey in 2015, and of course Saving Mr. Banks in which Tom Hanks played Disney. That was in 2013. That film chronicled the bringing of the classic film, Mary Poppins, to the screen.

But perhaps a story about the theme park is something people want to see. This is the hope one could assume, for the filmmakers. Evan Spiliotopoulos, who’s written many of Disney’s feature films, is set to write this one.

Domenic Marinelli

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