Asian Doll is an extremely outspoken person. She often says things which result in her posts getting deleted. Regardless, she often voices herself on Twitter in order to clear her mind. In one of these recent instances, Asian Doll had some surprising things to say about her fans as well as her hind parts.

Doll took to Twitter and stated that her fans keep addressing her like she’s some child. She added that, in other words, she doesn’t care about any concern from the fans.

You b*tches be worried bout me like I’m y’all kid or some lol I’ll never give a f*ck you b*tches stay with my name in y’all mouth I stay on you h*es mind

The 24-year old then told her followers that no matter what they talk about, whether it be hear relationships, achievements or associations, it “will never put money in [their] pockets.”


You h*es is literally FANS

Asian Doll is blunt and upfront whenever she wants to talk to her fans. Her tweets range from very serious to simply vibing. For instance, she posted a tweet just hours ago saying “My phone don’t even ring wow that’s crazy😂😣” which just shows how diverse her content can be.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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