The courts have declared Mollie Fitzgerald incompetent to stand trial on homicide charges. The Captain America actress was arrested for allegedly stabbing her mother to death in December last year.

According to TMZ, the 38-year-old had told cops she committed the act in self defense ahead of Christmas. Jason Billam, her attorney, says the courts have ordered her transfer to a state mental hospital for treatment.

The doctors will review her mental health status every 90 days. They will then determine if she’s eligible to stand trial. According to Dillam, three mental health experts testified that Mollie is incompetent to stand trial.

Two of the three doctors said Mollie cannot assist her attorney in regards to the case due to her current mental state. The added that she is unable to understand her condition.

That said, she does understand that she’s been arrested for committing the murder of her mother, and, according to Billam, knows about the role of the prosecutors, the judge, and her attorney. But is confused about the workings of the judicial process.

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