Kim Kardashian rocked silver hair for a while and now it seems nobody can go that way with their hair color without sparking comparisons. Now Megan Fox is realizing that in a hurry.

Megan Fox recently shared a new selfie where she has gone silver with her hair. Needless to say, her fan base reacted in shock. This was quite a different look, after all.

“This is what the devil’s daughter looks like #JohnnyAndClyde Coming Spring 2022,” Fox wrote in a caption. It seems that his new do is actually a wig, but you can never be 100% certain today. Anything can be a filter as well.

Fox is set to star in Bonnie and Clyde, and that is a role perfect for the Transformers actress. Her man, Machine Gun Kelly, also draws comparisons to outlaws.


Fans in Fox’s comments couldn’t stop talking about how she looks like, or better than, Kim Kardashian herself. This was a pretty wild image that nobody expected to see drop on this random Friday in October.

“Damn the Kardashians got to her,” one fan wrote. Another simply quipped: “Kim Kardashian?”

We’ll pay close attention to Megan Fox’s social media in the future. She is frequently spotted alongside Machine Gun Kelly in public, so we’ll have to see if she is still rocking this hair color in the future.

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Steve Carrier

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