Lil Wayne released Ya Dig, a single from The Carter III days on October 7. We got to see a version of Wayne from circa 2008 that his fans know him for. Since many fans wondered where the track came from, Lil Wayne answered the question while making an announcement.

Lil Wayne is going to release a seven-inch vinyl box set which would consist of his favorite singles from Tha Carter series. Dubbed Tha Carter Singles Collection, the box set will feature 19 tracks from the series. This will include songs such as Hustler Musik, 6 Foot 7 Foot, A Mili, Go DJ and the newly-released Ya Dig.

“You know what he does for the culture, you know what he does for Hip Hop,” Jadakiss said as Lil Wayne smiled from ear-to-ear and took a hit from his blunt. “It’s only a few n-ggas I can send a verse, and he send that shit back before I finish rolling my backwood up.”

So now we know what Lil Wayne’s favorite songs are from Tha Carter series. The box set is available to pre-order on his online store for $200. The rapper has produced numerous classic tracks and is considered one of the top rappers in the hip-hop world. Recently, rapper Jadakiss revealed how incredibly skilled Lil Wayne is when it comes to writing verses.


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