Eminem is wildly popular, no matter which circle you happen to be in. 50 Cent has Slim Shady’s number, but he doesn’t give that information out, even to Drew Barrymore. That is why she had to use other tactics.

Drew Barrymore and 50 Cent recoded a video message to Eminem live on her talk show, and it was quite a site to behold. Fif sat down with Drew on her talk show where Eminem came up in the conversation. She wanted to know what it is like to get casual texts from Marshall Mathers.

50 responded, “Oh, he might see something I’m doing, like, I’m on the Drew Barrymore show and he’d be like, ‘Yo, you was right there? How was it?.’ Like, he’ll say something to me.”

Drew wanted to text Eminem and Fif was down to do it, but he still didn’t give the Wedding Singer actress Em’s phone number. He simply passed her his phone. What happened next was a conversation between Drew and Fif where she convinced him to record a video message. The following is a transcription of the video that Eminem randomly received in his inbox.


Drew: Um, hi, Marshall. We just felt compelled to text you.
50 Cent: Yeah, we live on TV. This is big dog status stuff going on here.
Drew: [Turning a camera to the cheering audience]. Here is everybody, saying hello. And because I found out you send Curtis random texts, we thought we would send you one.
50 Cent: Yeah. And look, I’m sending you videos with a really hot attractive woman in them. Send me something back! I’d like to see a video in return.
Drew: That’s right, absolutely. Oh my god, we love you! Bye!

50 Cent and Barrymore had some laughs and a good time while he promoted BMF. This stop by Drew’s daytime talk show certainly did the trick to win over some of her fans.

Eminem didn’t hit 50 Cent back while he was on the show, but he likely saw the message. After all, Slim and Fif are pretty close so it’s hard to believe that he totally no-sold that video. If anything, Drew Barrymore kind of proved that she has zero chill when it comes to Eminem, so it might be hard to snag him as a guest on her show next. You can check out the video below.

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