Steve Harwell, the lead singer of Smash Mouth, is taking a brief break from performing for the band because he’s suffering from heart issues.

A rep for the rock band told TMZ that Steve hasn’t been well due to cardiomyopathy and heart failure. This lead to him missing a few performances as well.

The word cardiomyopathy means “heart muscle disease”. The most common form of this disease sees a patient’s heart becoming enlarged. This impairs the pumping function of the organ. Steve Harwell has had this disease since 2015.

Steve manages his health with medication but as more issues arose, he had to take some time off, the rep said.


Fans online were even speculating that Steve was perhaps fired from Smash Mouth as the band used a substitute singer for their recent performances. This is not true of course, as the substitute is just there until Steve’s absence.

The relieving news is that Steve is feeling better already and will be performing this Thursday at the Jackson Mississippi State Fair.

We hope he Steve’s health continues to improve and we see him healthy and hearty soon.

Rayan Sayyed

Rayan is a freelance news contributor with an emphasis on entertainment and sports. He has extensively covered pro wrestling events and happenings from the music world since 2017. Aside from wrestling, Rayan is also into all things anime, manga, and horror movies. Is also a self-proclaimed connoisseur of K-pop girl groups.

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