Pooh Shiesty dealing with a lot of hardships. After he turned himself in to the police and currently faces a federal trial on his shooting case, the rapper just wants to be done with it at this point.

Shiesty initially filed an appeal to delay his federal trial where the strategy would have been to argue that he wasn’t part of a “drug-trafficking conspiracy.” However, his legal team advised Shiesty that seeking to finish off with the trial as soon as possible is probably the only strategy which works in his favor.

Shiesty’s legal team said that it’s better to go ahead for the trial that is in three weeks despite the large number of discoveries against him. The charges against the rapper came from his involvement through discharge of his firearm while a violent crime, conspiracy and robbery took place. This refers to the 2020 armed robbery that took place in Bay Harbor Islands, Florida.

Pooh Shiesty has to deal with sizeable accusations as there’s footage of him shooting two men in the hip and butt after a deal negotiation for buying marijuana went south. Bobby Brown and Jayden Darosa were two friends with him who had set up the deal.


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