Tim Federle, who is the creative mind behind the High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, is going to helm the direction of Sister Act 3. The upcoming series has received HBO’s The Nevers and Blumhouse’s Evil Eye‘s writer Madhuri Shekar, who will be working alongside Tim Federle.

Whoopi Goldberg will be returning as Deloris, as it had been long rumored as well as anticipated by fans. The story is that Deloris is a nightclub singer who uses a covenant as a hiding place. While she’s masquerading as a nun, chaos ensues when she’s found out.

Kathy Najimy, who’s played a key role in the franchise, talked about missing former director of the film Emile Ardolino back in January in an interview.

That was Emile Ardolino who directed it, who isn’t with us anymore, was so fun and kind and great. And he would literally say yes to anything that I wanted to do. He was so easy, he’d be like ‘yeah, do that.’ So we just [sic] a lot of that. And it’s also Whoopi [Goldberg], you know, so, and you know, that I’ve known Whoopi for I think for 40 years. Yeah, 40, 41 years. So, he just let us do whatever which was for, for us Disneyland, you know what I mean? Just being able to do whatever we want. So now he was really open to it. He would say, do that do more of that? Never said no, never edited us. That was really fun, that bar scene, because it was shot in LA and it was right next to a really great frozen yogurt place. And we got to dance and sing.

The film received a sequel in 1992, called Sister Act: Back in the Habit. Goldberg has been interesting in the revival of the project, and Disney+ launch triggered the development of the project.

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