Machine Gun Kelly has been beefing with Slipknot and frontman Corey Taylor for a while now. Slipknot is considered one of the biggest metal bands of all time, and they have a huge fan-base.

Slipknot fans are known to be one of the most passionate groups of people, as is the case with most heavy metal fans. Seeing the trend, comedian Josh Pray released a video titled “MGK Doesn’t Want Problems With Slipknot or That Genre… Trust Me.” He starts off the video by saying:

I just wanna tell you and your fans — and fans, don’t encourage him to come back for Slipknot. Don’t do it. I did one video — one heavy metal video — and heavy metal fans made me touch every single group in heavy metal history. You do not, do not, do not, ‘Psychosocial,’ do not, take back what you said Machine. Just stop it, swallow your pride… Do not disrespect Slipknot.

Prey went on to say that if we could lift the entire Earth, it still won’t be as heavy as Slipknot. He even referred to Kelly’s beef with Eminem, and said that Eminem let him walk away, but this fanbase would not.

If you could take the Earth and weigh it, it still wouldn’t be as heavy as Slipknot. Slipknot don’t have fans, they have a brotherhood. Eminem let you continue. Eminem could’ve buried you, homie. And now you wanna mess with this family? You crazy?

Machine Gun Kelly recently beefed with Conor McGregor as well at the VMAs. Perhaps there’s going to be more of these beefs? We may never know.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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