Guns N’ Roses recently performed at Wrigley Field in Chicago, and eagle-eyed fans noticed that Axl Rose did not seem to be completely on his A-game. The Chicago Sun-Times even pointed out that Rose struggled to find a comfortable vocal range and hit the higher notes.

Rose revealed the cause for this the following day in a series of tweets. Apparently, Rose was suffering from a possible bout of food poisoning, but powered through the entire set anyway. Rose explained on Twitter:

A note to Chicago…I got to the show feeling great, but started getting sick pretty early on. It progressed to where I was throwing up & was light headed. Wouldn’t have been surprised if I’d fallen off the front of the stage.

I’d b fine then not, fine again then not all night. Was pretty crazy but the crowd was great n’ I was in a great headspace n’ we had fun. Luckily the COVID test was negative. Def messed with my vocals in places. Just glad we got thru it n’ it didn’t mess with the show too bad. I’m a lot better now. Seems most likely to be food poisoning. Looking forward to Milwaukee! – Axl.

The Chicago show on Thursday was part of the band’s “We’re F’N Back!” tour, which started on August and is set to continue into October. Here’s hoping that Axl Rose feels better for the remainder of the tour!

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Nitish Vashishtha

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