Legendary rapper Eminem recently showed love to 50 Cent on the new Nas album. Recently, Eminem was revealed to be guest starring in 50 Cent’s ‘BMF’ series as “White Boy Rick.

Eminem has inspired several artists and fans alike with his songs over the years. Many of them even paid tribute to the rapper in a variety of ways.

A Chicago artist Chris Devins took a lot of time to paint an Eminem mural in the rapper’s hometown of Detroit. Unfortunately, it seems that mural was defaced just a day after it was finished.

Devins spent Saturday (September 4) drawing a young Eminem onto a wall in the Cass Corridor neighborhood of Midtown Detroit. It took him around 6 hours to finish the six-foot tall mural, but it was defaced the next day with 18 bird head sketches drawn with a Sharpie.

Only one day after it’s completion, some idiot in Detroit already defaced the new M mural,. You can’t give some people anything good. Dumb. I can probably fix it but damn….”

While speaking to The Detroit News about the incident, he said he “felt terrible” and called the graffiti “disrespectful.”

“I was devastated,” he said. “Who would do that? That’s against the rules of street art. I want to restore it to its original value. I would like to re-present it to the community in its unblemished form.

It was a great wall. It looked like it was going to sit there for a second, so I thought it could use some beautification. It really enhances that wall. To me, it’s totally appropriate. I wanted to do him looking young and fresh. I didn’t put up anything ugly.

There was time and effort spent to make sure it was something people would want, and to make it relatable to the community. It’s not just usual tagging.”

It is not known who would do such a terrible thing and we simply cannot condone such acctions, especially after all the effort the artist put into his work.

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