Tom Brady is lending a helping hand to a player on a rival team. The GOAT QB recently stuck up for Buffalo Bills’ linebacker Andre Smith, who was fined $5,806 for roughing the passer after hitting Bears’ QB Justin Fields so hard his helmet flew off.

Brady spoke out about the NFL’s proclivity to protect the offensive game. It is proven that higher scoring games have a tendency to drive a higher television rating. This could have encouraged the league to institute rules to protect those offensive players.

He was very candid on a “Players Chat” segment for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers official website. Tom Brady’s stance on the NFL’s rules is that the defensive squad is now at a disadvantage on the gridiron.

“A quarterback should only throw the ball to certain places because your receiver is in danger of getting hit. For example, when I used to play against Ray Lewis, I wouldn’t throw the ball to the middle of the field because … he would hit [our receivers] and knock them out of the game. And now, every hard hit is a penalty on the defense. So I feel like they penalize defensive players for offensive mistakes.”


We’ll have to see if the NFL loosens their rules at all. Odds are they will continue protecting those players that drive more money to the league. The game of football has shifted a bit while catering to their audience. This is a trend Brady might like to see them ease up on.

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