Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco and husband Karl Cook are splittsville according to a joint statement the couple released to People. The couple was marred for three years.

The statement expressed love and respect for each other, but they realized that life has different things in store for them. Now they are going their opposite directions after a very public journey.

“Despite a deep love and respect for one another, we have realized that our current paths have taken us in opposite directions. We have both shared so much of our journey publicly so while we would prefer to keep this aspect of our personal life private, we wanted to be forthcoming in our truth together. There is no anger or animosity, quite the contrary.”

“We have made this decision together through an immense amount of respect and consideration for one another and request that you do the same in understanding that we will not be sharing any additional details or commenting further.”

Kaley, 35, and her 30-year-old equestrian husband met in 2016, and they were engaged in 2017. After getting married in June, 2018, the couple had a fun life full of love and horses. Now they are riding off into the sunset alone.

Cuoco was previously married to Ryan Sweeting for just 21 months. We are uncertain about any terms of the separation, because Kaley was racking in huge money during the last few seasons of the Big Bang Theory.

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Aaron Varble

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