CM Punk has had a prolific pro-wrestling career, and now with more to come than ever. However, his career in other fighting venues wasn’t as good. Punk’s stint in UFC as a mix martial artist was a failure, with the pro-wrestler losing all three of his fights.

Randy Couture, the MMA legend with 15 years worth of experience under his belt, thinks Punk made a mistake with UFC. In an interview with Wrestling Inc. Daily, Couture revealed a lot that Punk could have done differently.

The fans can be brutal. That’s just a fact. You’re only as good as your last fight, and that’s how you distinguish your real friends and true people that are in your circle. Fans want to see winners, and they’re very critical. That’s more of an American thing, honestly, than anything else. They’re not so much that way in Japan and some of the other marketplaces. He jumped right in at the highest level, and he kind of tried to pull a James Toney and jump in at the highest level.

Couture acknowledged that Punk trained as well as he did. However, he said that Punk also sought fights which were above his level. He said that if Punk would have given himself more time to train and build a foundation, things would have been a lot more different now.


And you got to give James Toney his credit for his boxing credentials but some of that does not translate to MMA, and I think CM did a good job of trying to train, trying to learn as much as he could, but he jumped into fights that were that were, frankly, a little over his head. I think he could have given himself more time to technically train and get some foundation, a solid foundation, for fighting under his belt before he jumped into some of those bigger fights. He may have had a little more success.

CM Punk seems to be pretty terrific back as a pro-wrestler. The AEW Superstar recently revealed that he has to go through a three-hour long tattoo cover up process. While he had one of the biggest wrestling pops of all time, he wasn’t interested in AEW as a start-up company. He’s also expected by fans to win big at AEW All Out, so things are looking great for Punk.

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