Offset has been doing tremendously well with his and Migos’ catalog now belonging to Reservoir Media. That landed him and his wife Cardi B into the celebratory bell ringing ceremony at WallStreet.

The rap-couple took to New York Stock Exchange where they took part in the ceremony. Cardi B posed alongside the rapper for support, and as their venture flourishes, Offset is getting heavy profits off it.

Offset and the Migos’ had been going at it for an IPO since last month. Now that the company has been listed, the team at NASDAQ invited Offset, Cardi and other Reservoir investors to a bit of token celebration together.

Offset has been pretty busy with other things which eventually lands him in the headlines. The rapper recently took to defending Lizzo from all the bodyshaming she’s been receiving off her haters. He’s also flexing his money big, and gave a $250k watch to his daughter on her 3rd birthday.


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