Juggalos of the world will be sad at this news. Their beloved Insane Clown Posse is wrapping up the 2021 edition of their Gathering of the Juggalos and they had a sad announcement to make.

Violent J revealed that he’s been suffering from heart failure, so the band needs to take a break. They will no longer be able to do long tours due to his condition.

J said that he has been through multiple procedures to treat his condition, but he still has an irregular heartbeat. They will have one final farewell tour in 2022, and you can bet it will be a wild one.

“For those of you that haven’t been to my house, the studio is probably 40 yards from my front door,” Violent J said. “I noticed walking out to the studio every day, by the time I got to the f*cking studio, I was winded. “Then when I’d walk up to my mailbox, I’d be like, ‘Oh f*ck, I’ve got to take a break.’ What the f*ck’s the problem? We went to the hospital to see what’s going on. They did an ultrasound. The lady who was looking at my heart, we could tell she was tripping about something, but she wasn’t a doctor. The doctors were all tied up upstairs in the hospital, understandably. She told me, ‘They want you to go straight home, get in bed and they’ll call you first thing in the morning. They called before the birds even woke up and f*cking told me to go to the hospital. They took me in the back and sh*t, and basically they just came out and told me I have heart failure. That scared the sh*t out of me.”


You can check out the video below to see the big announcement yourself. This is a new chapter for the group, but those ICP fans are just as passionate as ever. Whoop Whoop.

H Jenkins

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